“August Moon” featured on ‘CTIndie Summer Mix MMXIV’

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“August Moon” is featured on the just released annual compilation from CTIndie.com titled: CTIndie Summer Mix MMXIV. CTIndie Summer Mix MMXIV features 4-hours of music on 4-discs from Connecticut artists. The 4-discs on the compilation are Lines, Circle, Triangle, and Square, with “August Moon” featured as track-18 on Triangle.

The version of “August Moon” that appears on the compilation is the radio edit without the fade. To listen to “August Moon” and other CT artists on this compilation, or to download your free copy of the compilation, just visit theĀ CTIndie.com Summer Mix MMXIV page.

Risa would like to thank CTIndie.com (facebook) for including “August Moon” on the compilation, and the attention they bring to local music in Connecticut, along with Bob D’Aprile (facebook) as always, featuring this compilation and other great CT music on his CTROCKS show (listen to the broadcast) on WPKN 89.5.

Also, to help celebrate the track’s inclusion, for the entire month of August on Risa’s official website, “August Moon (single)” has again been made available as a free download. The single includes: “August Moon (Full Moon Version)” and the b-side “This Night”, a Dream Pop inspired track. Download “August Moon (single)” on the Extras page via Risa’s website.

So listen to some other great CT Music and enjoy your soundtrack to the Summer of ’14.