What happens when you layer catchy hooks, honest and thoughtful lyrics with uplifting string arrangements over grooving rhythms? The answer is simple: Reise (pronounced rī-sə).

Inspired by styles of New Wave, Synth Pop, Punk, Post-Punk, and Dance Rock, Reise has created a unique sound that blends the past and present to make their debut release, Lake (deluxe), a contemporary and exciting one.

Reise was born out of a previous collaboration with songwriting partner and friend Matthew Hamilton. “At the time Matt and I got together, I’ve been writing songs on my own with a synth and a drum machine because that’s all I could play,” explains Christian.

“The sound I wanted was to mix Duran Duran and Oasis. I wanted to add some of that Modern Rock and Brit Pop style guitar over the New Wave foundation I was building and I knew Matt could help do that. I come from the English New Wave bands and Matt comes from the College/Modern Rock bands. We are both influenced by those different styles respectively, but we like and listen to bands from each other’s influences and because of that, I feel that’s what gives the songs the sound they have.”

After a few failed starts with other musicians, and over the course of a couple years, Christian and Matthew decided to just continue writing and demoing rather than looking to expand into a full band. Unfortunately, a few months later, Matthew could no longer write and record demos on a regular basis, and eventually had to leave the project. Christian had to learn to play guitar better and eventually learn the songs to continue.

After teaching himself further (within a twelve month period), and in the process developing his own style, Christian felt comfortable enough to where he could play, write, and record all instruments himself, and continued his journey with the foundation of what he and Matthew had written.

The songs on Lake (deluxe) are personal ones. Whether they come from the songwriter’s own experience, or from those witnessed, they are songs that everyone can relate to.

Taking the name from the popular vacation planet from the hit Sci-Fi franchise Star Trek: The Next Generation (and adopting the German spelling that translates to journey or trip), Lake (deluxe) ventures through the emotional forest that every person has to navigate throughout one’s life. Whether it’s an actual journey you want to go on, or, just wanting to be in another place for a few minutes, Reise will definitely take you there.