Lake (deluxe) coming soon

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We apologize for the No Music Content over the past few months as Reise has been re-branding all online accounts. Not only has social media had an overhaul, but some of you may have also noticed streaming music services. Everything had to be pulled do to the release of Lake (deluxe) and not wanting the previous releases available, and, of course, the change of the band name spelling.

Lake (deluxe) is being released as it was originally intended: a single album. Mastering will be starting in the next week and there should be a release toward the end of August.

The track listing is as follows:

  1. Lake
  2. Cannot Say
  3. She Don’t Know
  4. August Moon
  5. Stitch
  6. Myth
  7. Bind
  8. So Hard to See You
  9. Shoreline
  10. Cannot Say ( single version)
  11. August Moon (radio edit)
  12. Cannot Say (ICON71′s Down in the Basement Version)

Stay tuned for all updates.