Reise Now Playing: Worldwide

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Last week, Friday, October 21, saw the release of Reise’s full length album Lake (deluxe). All songs have been remixed and remastered, with “Cannot Say” already finding International success.

“Cannot Say (single version)” is currently on A-List rotation and being played  on stations across the UK. It made it’s International debut on:

Source 96.1 FM – Sophie’s Springboard Show

You can  also find “Cannot Say” on these stations:

Britannia FM

Radio Britain 7FM Worldwide

Europe Radio 1 FM

Oxford 24 FM

London FM


You can stream online at:

Youtube: Lake (deluxe)
Soundcloud: Lake (deluxe)
Spotify: Lake (deluxe)

Lake (deluxe) can also be purchased from cdbaby, bandcamp, iTunes, Google Play, and other digital retailers.

More great news and updates will be coming soon so hold tight!