Risa making changes

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Risa is changing their name. Well, sort of.

Do to it being a little more difficult than thought of finding Risa online within music sites, Risa will now be known as Reise. Same pronunciation, just a different spelling.

When it was decided to go by the name of Risa, there were already two artists on some music sites with the same spelling. However, it was quite a few years that these artists didn’t put out any new material, so the name Risa was kept. Now it seems as if bands don’t care that there are active bands with the same name, and, on some sites, there are now three to five artists with the name Risa.

The German spelling of the word has been adopted and this will make the online communities and branding much more easier. And, using our research, will only pull up one result.

Over the next week or so, you will start to see these changes online. Website, social sites, and music sites alike. You really will have to do nothing at all with your connections in social communities, and they will simply be updated to reflect these changes.The only social site that will be affected is Google+. Since Google doesn’t allow you to update your info, a new site had to be created. Everything will be shared with you all upon completion.

In addition, to visit the website you are viewing now,  you will have to go to www.reisemusic.info very shortly.

Thanks for listening!