Summertime push begins for Reise and Lake (deluxe)

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There’s a lot of good and fun things happening with Reise this summer and there will be a lot of content for you to enjoy across the social sites.

In June, the PR campaign starts along with stations nationwide picking up “Cannot Say” for airplay. Stations and other details will be made available as they become finalized.

Reise is also readying Lake (deluxe) for larger U.S. and U.K. distribution. This can see the album being available on other formats besides digital. More to come on that next month.

Press started last week with Christian making an appearance on Behind the Music Episode #464, on AVA Live Radio, hosted Jacqueline Jax. It was a fun discussion, and topics ranged from the writing process, to influences, to recording, and other topics that was aired live on May 10. If you haven’t yet had a chance to listen, you can hear the entire episode, or you can listen to Christian’s interview on Soundcloud and YouTube. Other International press has either been completed or will happen. Updates on where to find them will be announced as they become available.

June will also see the start to a fun promotional campaign on Instagram. This will be on Fridays and last for nine weeks. Check Reise’s Instagram page for details. The announcement is set for Friday May 26.

Finally, the follow-up single to “Cannot Say” will be released in late-July/early-August, and will have an extended version available for streaming only, like is currently available for Cannot Say¬† (maxi-single). There will be no b-side, and will be found exclusively on Spotify, Microsoft Groove, Deezer, ClaroMusica, Tidal, and Apple.

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